Sunday, November 24, 2013

Weekend Recap - November 22-24, 2013

Friday - I had to work...booooo!!! But, I planned on meeting my mom to do some Christmas shopping after work so at least I had something to look forward to. We met up at Marshall's around 5:30 and I suckered her into buying me and my sis lots of Christmas gifts...hehe!! We went to Ross and Payless too and then decided we were pooped!! We decided to eat dinner at Famous Dave's BBQ and then headed home! Brian had already put Myla to bed before I got home. So, I headed straight to bed.
Saturday - We slept in til 8am! Thank you Myla! We decided to start decorating the house for Christmas since we are pretty busy the next two weekends and didn't want to wait til mid December to decorate, plus we are just super excited to celebrate with Myla this year. We spend til around 3pm decorating. We ordered from the Italian restaurant for dinner. My parents picked up Myla at 6 and she stayed the night with them to give us an uninterrupted night of sleep. Brian went to play poker and I caught up on my DVR before I passed out for the night. 
Here's our tree...

And here's what Prissy was doing while we decorated....

And here's Myla while we decorated....

Sunday - We headed to my parents for breakfast and spend the day relaxing. I made cupcakes with Jayden and played with my new camera while Brian killed monsters downstairs. At the end of the night, we all watched Jayden play Duckhunt on our old Nintendo! So fun!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Lovin' the new rug

Myla loves the new rug! She gets to be free and roll as much as she wants!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Recap - November 16-17, 2013

Saturday - Myla woke me up around 7am and we headed to the living room for breakfast and tv. Brian slept in. Shocking, right? haha. Me and Myla caught up on Grey's Anatomy and Shark Tank from Friday while I fed her her morning bottle and I scarfed down my ice coffee. I think I'm addicted, but that's for another post. After Brian woke up, around 10:30am, we decided to get dressed and head to town to meet up with his Dad for lunch. This was happening as I got ready..... 
Who do they think they are? Ha! We headed to Ledo Pizza for lunch with the Grandpa. We had cheese fries, salad, pizza, and wings. Yep, we were hungry. After lunch, we headed to Target to get my new camera!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! We got the Canon Rebel T3i after much recommendation. I can't wait to play with it and learn how to do everything. While we were there, we decided to get the rug I had spotted which matched my inspiration photo perfectly. (sidenote - I scored 15% off on Monday when I went back and saw it was on sale!) After Target, we did a short trip in Marshall's for some coordinating pillows.
New Rug and Feeding Time
We headed home, redecorated the living room, and put Myla to bed. Then, Brian started a movie and I watched a little before I decided to head to bed. I mean I had been up since 7 unlike some people....
Sunday - Myla woke us up again around 6:30am and we put her in bed with us. This seems to be a recurring theme. She fell back to sleep til 8, but I couldn't fall back to sleep. So, I straightened the house, did the dishes, and packed for our Sunday trip to my parents house. I decked Myla out in Redskins attire for the day....

Myla sat on the counter while Dad fixed us breakfast.....
After breakfast, my Dad, Jayden, and I headed to Food Lion to get some food for the game. When we got home, Jayden helped me make homemade potato skins.
We ate, watched the Redskins lose again, then baked cookies. After that, this happened......

And, then my heart exploded!!!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Living Room Makeover

On Saturday, we went to town to do a little shopping. We needed a new rug for the living room. Myla is quite active and having a rug in the living room makes more sense. This way, she can play on her mat in there and won't knock her head so hard when she rolls over! Also, I think it looks so cute. I wish I would have taken some photos with the natural sun light though! Here it is.....

We also switched out the dark brown curtains for some lighter ones, added some new pillows, and removed the chair ottoman and swing from the room. It's much brighter, but cozier at the same time. Here's a look at my inspiration photo....

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Firepit Friday

Helllllloooooooooo Friday!!! Yep, I'm that excited about it! James and Stef invited us over to their house for the first "Firepit Friday." We all bundled up and headed over around 6:30pm. We sat around the fire, talked, and roasted hot dogs. Then, we played some monster chasing with Jayden. Myla drank her bottle and fell asleep. We drank some hot cocoa and made some s'mores while watching the fire blaze. What a fun-filled family night. My parents even came over!

So. Much. Fun.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thin Thursday

Well, if you've read my weekend recap post you know that my diet flew out the window this weekend....ugh! I'm so mad at myself. But, good news, I only gained .2 pounds. Yep, only .2!! Woohoo, that is a victory in my world. I was expecting a 5 pound gain with all those cheese fries and potatoes! hahaha. I'm trying to start over today and get back on track, but honestly I already feel the need for a sausage biscuit......

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Myla is 5 months old!!

My baby girl is getting so big!! This last month flew by and I can't believe she is 5 months old already.

Sleeping - She pretty much puts herself to bed between 7-730pm and is out until around 3-330am. At this time, she decides to whine, whimper, and slightly cry for about 20 minutes. I can't figure it out. She doesn't really want anything except her paci, but that doesn't satisfy her some times either. She will spit it out and cry some more. Lately, I've just been letting her cry it out (since she's not in a crazy cry lol). After that fun time, she usually passes out til around 6am which used to be 7am before the time change. I want 7am back!!!
Eating - Myla started eating rice cereals and some baby food about a week or two after her 4 month check up. She definitely didn't get it at first and it took a few days before she had it down. She's quite a messy eater and seems to be pretty picky. She loves the rice cereal, but bananas and apples were a definite NO! This week we tried green beans and so far she seems to be taking to those pretty well.
Things She Loves - She hasn't really gravitated towards any particular toy. She really isn't picky and will play or snuggle with anything. Her laugh and learn puppy has really made her giggle though. And she loves to watch the dogs play! That will usually get a big old belly laugh from her. 

Milestones & Random Things - She can almost sit up by herself. She will stay up for about 1 minute before she face plants (on something soft, of course). Also, her hair seems to be coming back in. She lost pretty much all of her baby hair and now a slight fuzz has come back! Bows soon?! haha
Here's her 5 month photo shoot!!!


Happy 5 months, baby girl!!!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap - November 9-11, 2013

Friday - I worked and decided to bring home Chinese for dinner. We all curled up, ate dinner, and watched our favorite recorded shows - Nashville and Revolution!

Saturday - We decided to spend the day relaxing and it was much needed!! Around 4, we headed over to my parents to take the dog out since my parents were visiting DJ in Norfolk. We grabbed some Mama's subs for dinner on the way home. Needless to say, my diet was out the window this weekend!!! Yummy! Then it was time for Myla to eat and go to bed. Brian decided to stay up and play some video games and I headed to bed to watch Shark Tank and then passed out. 

Sunday - Myla had us up at the crack of dawn. When will she sleep in on weekends?!? Haha! We headed to town to do some Christmas shopping and blasted the Christmas music on the way to town! Well, until....

Now she wants to sleep! We started at Ross and Marshall's....well only got to go to Ross because hello it's Sunday and stores don't open at the crack of dawn! Note to self for next time. Next up, And That and Toys-r-us. We scored lots of stuff for Myla and Jayden and even crossed a few other people off our lists. It feels good to tackle the list early. After shopping, we headed to Outback for lunch. And this went down....

Like I said, the diet went bye bye!! After lunch, we headed to Stef and James house to give them a little gift we picked up for them. Then, it was time to go home. Myla tried green beans for the first time and she liked them! Finally, something she likes other than the rice cereal. She wasn't a fan of bananas or apples, but she seems to like the green beans. 

Monday - Brian had off for Veteran's Day and I had to switch my Friday off to Monday due to board meetings. We were lazy pretty much all day. Myla and I took naps...

Something about her sleeping is super cute and I can't help but creep in and take pictures. Yes, I'm weird. After naps, I made homemade potato skins for dinner...

After we ate, we watched a movie together in the man cave by the fire before bedtime. 

It was a great weekend!

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