Friday, June 17, 2016

Celebrating Myla

Monday was Myla's birthday and I took off work so that I could spend the whole day with her! She was super excited when I told her that we were just dropping Bryce off with Nana and that she could go anywhere she wanted. She decided she wanted to go to the playplace. So, to McDonald's we went.

She played and played and then scarfed down 2 pancakes. I asked her what she wanted to do next and said we could go to Kings Dominion if she wanted. She was ok with that idea! So to Kings Dominion we went. She wants to ride roller coasters and not baby ones. This girl is a total dare devil!!! I had to find rides that she was tall enough to do, but weren't in the baby section. She was tall enough to ride the log ride and talk about LOVE. She wanted to ride it again. Then we rode the birds that fly really high and swing back and forth and she was just so happy. We made it to the water park and she swam in the wave pool for a long time. She just loves the water.

Snoopy is the only character she would take a picture with or hug. Charlie Brown and Lucy were a definite NO! haha! She loves to ride the ponies (the carousel) and wanted to take a pic with "Snow White's" apple. This kid and her princesses! We had a great time and left around 3. The plan was to meet Daddy and Bryce for a birthday dinner, but Myla fell asleep on the ride and woke up ANGRY! She did NOT want it to be her birthday anymore and did NOT want to eat dinner. She wanted to go to the park! Geez - where do they get this energy? So, we decided to stop for nuggets on the way home and take her to the park. She played with Bryce (a rarity) and actually held his hand on the way to the park.

We got home. Gave them both baths and then decided to give her her presents from us and sing her happy birthday with her cookie cake.

And here's a little video of us singing and her blowing out her candles...
Happy Birthday Video!

It was a wonderful day!!!


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Myla is 3!

Myla turned 3 on Monday and I couldn't let her birthday pass without a blog post. I use this place as a sort of personal journal and as a way for me to remember how her and Bryce are at each age.

Myla loves.....

  - ALL of the Disney princesses (especially Jasmine)
  - to lick the cream out of the middle of oreo's
  - to sleep with Mommy and Daddy
  - orange chips, chocolate milk, and pizza rolls
  - playing pretend chef with her pots and pans
  - swimming
  - spending the night with Nana and Nene

Myla says...

  - "blan-ka-let" for blanket
  - "I wuvs you" for I love you
  - "That's not my fav-rite" - when you put the "wrong" outfit on her
  - "I seep wif you mommy?" (every night she wants to sleep with us)
  - "you chicken head" - her best insult for when you do something she doesn't like

Myla hates....

  - having her toenails cut
  - her brother - 99% of the time!

I will be back tomorrow with how we celebrated her birthday on Monday and then next week I will blog about her birthday party that is this Saturday! Can't wait!


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