Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Myla overcomes her fear....

On Monday night, Myla decided to give Bryce her very own present for his birthday. She decided she would overcome her fear of jumping in the pool and here it is on video...


Monday, August 15, 2016

Bryce is 2!

 This little guy turns the big 2 today! He is seriously the happiest, sweetest, most loving and helpful little boy! We celebrated his birthday this past Saturday at the lake with all of our family and friends. He had a blast and definitely was spoiled rotten.

Here are some things about him at this age...

Bryce loves......

 - food - anything!
 - jumping in the pool and playing at the lake.
 - helping out with chores. He loves to clean and help take the trash out.
 - to make you laugh. He will put on a show for you if you are laughing at him.
 - throwing a ball.
 - watching Teletubbies and doing the Teletubbie dance.
 - his sister!
 - to run around like a T-Rex.

Bryce hates......

 - haven't found anything he doesn't love. 


 - 34.2 pounds and counting!
 - 37" tall (by our measurements)
 - has a few nicknames - Bubby and Brycie-boo

And now for some more pictures from his birthday party....

And one more professional picture to capture him at this awesome age...

He is so perfect! I love you, Bryce and Happy 2nd Birthday!


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