Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmastown Weekend - November 21-23, 2014

We headed down to Williamsburg Friday evening after work after we dropped this little stinker off with his grandmom and nana.

We stopped for dinner at Chickfila to give Myla a break from the car ride. Traveling with toddlers is oh so fun then hit the road again. Myla did pretty good until she was over it and we had to resort to streaming Minnie Mouse on the iphone. Thank goodness for technology. We arrived and checked in to the hotel around 8pm. Myla found her new favorite toy....

She seriously carried those cups and the ice bucket around all weekend long! Who needs to pack toys? Anyhoo, we pretty headed to bed after we settled in.
We were up bright and early Saturday morning, stopped at the free breakfast in the lobby, then headed to visit Auntie Ashton.

We hadn't seen her new house yet either, so it was great to hang out with her and see her cute new home! Myla was all decked out in her Christmas gear and I absolutely love this reindeer top. I think I need one!

Taking a nice posed picture of a toddler to showcase their cute outfit is, well, NOT happening! HAHA! After hanging at Ashton's for a while, we decided to head to Honeybutter's for lunch. Chicken fingers for all the Perrys! Then, it was time to head back to the hotel and get Myla her nap so that she wouldn't be little miss crankypants for Christmastown. She fell asleep right away. Thank goodness. She woke up around 2 and we headed out for Busch Gardens. We were so excited to take her and couldn't wait to get there! My parents and the Williams were meeting us there and it was going to be super fun. Until......Myla started whining and crying and pretty much nothing would make her happy. And, if you know her, being outside is her jam. It made no sense. We couldn't figure it out and I felt completely helpless and all I wanted to do was get out of there! We ended up leaving after being there for only about 2 hours. We did manage to see the Scrooge show - the only time Myla wasn't crying. She absolutely LOVED it. She took her first amusement park ride on the mini clydesdales - she absolutely HATED it. She rode right next to Jayden and she cried and shook her head NO as soon as it started. I think the woman running it felt bad and stopped it after only going around like 2 times - haha! So, Myla did get to do a few firsts at Christmastown so it wasn't a complete bust. And, here is the scoop on Myla and her crankiness - she was constipated. As soon as we got back to the room, she took 2 nice poops and then was jumping on the bed. Oh the joy! Seriously?! Good thing she is a cutie patootie! Oh, and I may or may not have had a minor panic attack trying to get out of Christmastown because of ALL of the people. Like seriously, sooooooo many people and we couldn't walk fast to get out to be able to help calm Myla down. Broke my heart not to be able to help her and to feel so helpless and the tears just came!

After Myla felt better from her poops and stopped jumping on the bed, she chowed down on her chicken nuggets and then we all went to bed! What an adventure!
On Sunday, we got up at the crack of dawn and decided to try to make the most of our last day before we headed home. We had breakfast at our favorite place, Mama Steve's. Myla had her first meal from Mama Steve's - her own order of silver dollar pancakes and sausage (her favorite).

Rockin her new vest that her auntie Ashton bought her.
 After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to take Myla to the pool before we had to check out.

We checked out and headed to the outlet mall. We got to shop for a while before it got extra crowded, got some Christmas presents, and then headed home! We got home just in time to watch the Redskins lose again! HAHA!


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bryce - 3 months old


- sleeps from 8pm to about 6:30am daily and only eats one time around 5am, but has a couple wake ups during the night where he needs his passy.
- weighs 14.6 pounds according to my accurate weigh myself then with baby method.
- is already wearing 6 month clothes.
- eats 5 ounce bottles about every 3-4 hours during the day.
- isn't really a fan of tummy time.
- likes to smile and coo at you while you make crazy faces.
- is constantly quiet, happy, and content.
- rarely ever cries unless he is super hungry.
- is starting to grab on to the toys on his play mat and chair.
- sleeps in his crib and is no longer swaddled.
- can finally sit up in his jumperoo and loves it.

It's cozy to sleep in too!

Myla had to get in on the action!


Monday, November 17, 2014

Myla - 17 months old

- goes to bed at 8pm every night and doesn't cry when we leave the room.
- sleeps until 7am pretty much every day and usually wakes up happy.
- loves to play with her baby and pretend to feed it, change it, and burp it.
- learned how to tickle people, her brother, the dog, and things.
- loves to be outside even if it's FREEZING.
- weighs approximately 23 pounds.
- knows when she has gone potty in her pants and comes to tell you. (even though everything is poopoo)
- figured out how to take off her shoes and clothes.
- refuses to eat most vegetables and fruits except corn, watermelon, and mandarin oranges.
- has most of her teeth and her one year molars are popping through.
- retrieves the tv clicker, brings it to you, and constantly says Minnie Minnie Minnie.
- can say all kinds of words and a couple phrases. Hi, bye-bye, Minnie, paw-paw, nini (for nanny), nana, mama, dada, "tick tick" for tickle tickle, passy, all done, socks, and of course poo-poo.
- sings "Let it go" and constantly begs to watch it on Nanny's phone.
- says "Where'd it go?" when searching for her passy.
- is fascinated with shoes and socks.
- likes to have her teeth brushed in the morning.
- screams "all done" when she is finished eating!

I can't believe how quickly her little personality changes and how fast she learns things now. Words can't express how much I love her....


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