Thursday, September 26, 2013

Off to Norfolk!

I can NOT believe that I am heading to Norfolk today to watch my baby brother get married this weekend. It seems like just yesterday that we were playing school with him, dressing him up like a little girl, spending our summers eating lunch at the snack bar, driving him to swim practices, and going to his little league games. I am beyond proud of the man that he has become and I am so happy that he found the girl of his dreams! Welcome to the family, Cayte!



I'll be back next week to share pics and let you know if anyone ran....hahaha!!!



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Welcome Fall!

Oh, September, how I love you!! Every year at this time I find myself falling in love with the season all over again. The crisp fall air just seems to make me happy! Here's a little taste of what we have been up to. Last weekend, Brian was out of town for my brothers bachelor weekend so I hung out with my sister and Jayden on Saturday. We went to Sweetbriar park and played a little soccer, swung on the swings, and then went to the dog festival. Myla and Jayden both had so much and my sis and I did a little shopping at the festival! On Sunday, we went over to my parents for breakfast and to watch the Redskins win lose (ugh!). We headed home around 6 to see daddy and meet our new babysitter, Christina.

Oh, soccer!

Gotta keep hydrated

This past week was my birthday week, we celebrated on my actual birthday by having my favorite takeout (Tokyo), watching tv, and heading to bed early. Partaaaayyyy!!! hahaha!! Seriously though, this is exactly what I wanted especially since my birthday was on a Wednesday (work night)! Brian suited me up with new Redskins gear and 2 new sentimental Pandora beads. An M for Myla and an 18 for my birthdate, our wedding date, and Brian's football number. So sweet! On Thursday, Brian's mom and nana took me out to Red Lobster and boy was it yummy!!! Also, an amazing much needed gift from them.....a MASSAGE (yes, it requires caps!). On Saturday, I got up early and went to town with my parents and Myla. I had a birthday breakfast, got to do some shopping, and then Brian joined us for dinner at Outback. Sunday funday included another Redskins win errr loss, my favorite dinner (goolash), strawberry shortcake, and Jayden teaching Myla about monster trucks and dirt bikes!

Myla eating breakfast
Too much shopping?
Sunday morning breakfast by Dad!

Birthday mums from my cutie patootie dad.

"Go Redskins!"
Myla chewing, playing, sleeping, and staring!

Hey, I want one!
This is a monster truck!
And, this is a dirt bike.
So cute!
Oh, I like monster trucks and dirt bikes!

Hope everyone is having a great start to fall!!


Monday, September 23, 2013

3 months, oh my!!

My baby girl turned 3 months old, 10 days ago, on September 13th! Wow, the time is flying and she gets cuter and cuter by the minute (in my humble opinion). This month has brought with it lots and lots of new milestones. Myla laughs, giggles, and smiles ALL of the time now. She talks and coos and is able to hold on to most objects now. She has discovered her feet and loves to put her hands in her mouth.
Happy 3 Month Birthday, Mylapoo!!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Catch-Up Part 2

Man, we had a great summer!! Looking back at my pictures and my journal really makes me happy to have had such quality time with my family and friends over the summer. Here are some more of our adventures....

  • Myla's First Fourth of July. We celebrated with a cookout at Stef and James' house, Myla's first parade and fireworks at Lake of the Woods, and a lunch date at Allman's as a family.

Myla always has her tongue out, so we thought so should we!

Daddy and Myla


She slept through her first fireworks.


Watching the parade.


Mommy and Myla
  • Jayden turns 2. Myla was only a couple weeks old and she went to her first birthday party! Stef and James had a huge cookout for Jayden with family and friends. He had a blast and so did we.
     In my party dress!!
Birthday Cake! Yummy!
  • Myla goes to Richmond for a hearing test by a specialist. Myla didn't pass her newborn hearing test at the hospital two times, so we had to go see a specialist. Lucky for me, my mom took off work and went with us. We tried not to stress out too much because everyone told us this was fairly common. And, good news, Myla passed with flying colors this time. Here is her getting tested....
All hooked up!

  • Cousin love! This summer turned into some major bonding time for Jayden and Myla. Jayden wanted to kiss and hold her all the time and frankly, it's just the cutest thing EVER!!!
Probably my all time favorite pic!
Watching tv together.

I wanna hold her!!!
  • Here's a few more snapshots of big events.
Myla meets Uncle DJ!

Myla goes on a walk in her big girl stroller for the first time without the car seat.

Myla plays in her jumper.
All in all, this was a FANTABULOUS summer!!!! I can't wait for next summer for all the adventures we will have with a one year old!






Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I suck at blogging!! (Summer Catch Up - part 1)

Well, it's been months since I have blogged and frankly, I suck! I can't believe how fast time goes by and how quickly not only days and weeks, but months go by. I have decided to recommit myself to blogging....starting now! Hopefully, I can make it a weekly habit and if not, at least monthly. Here goes nothin'!

Here's a recap of the last few months....

1. I had a baby!!! Her name is Myla and she is gorgeous! She weighed a whopping 9 pounds and was 19 inches long. I was in labor for days and pushed for 3 hours before she decided to come out on June 13th!!! Ouch! Here is one of her hospital photos.....

Tell me that's not precious?!?
2. I was off the whole summer taking care of said baby. I got to spend lots of time with my sister and my nephew too. Taking care of a baby is hard work, but I had a great time being with her all day every day. I love lake days and so did Myla....
 Beach Babe!
 Snack Bar - mid day beers and babies!
 Going on our first walk! I am ready for exercise!
My nephew, Jayden! Get em'!
3. We went to the Redskins training camp with the Childress family. What a blast!!!


The hubby and I

Amazing lunch!
4. Took our first road trip as a family to Ohio to visit DJ and watch him pitch in the minor leagues. Myla also swam for the first time at the hotel pool. She was a trooper on the 7 hour trip and we all had so much fun together with my parents and DJ.
Uncle DJ

Me and my momma!

Family swim time

Water baby! She loved it!

World's cutest Indians fan!

Watching the game with a fishbowl and a Mike's hard lemonade. Hey, we deserve it!
Ok, that's enough catching up for now. I'll be back with another post to catch up on more of our summer of fun!!! 



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