Monday, April 28, 2014

Weekend Recap - April 26-27, 2014

This weekend was fabulous! We had great weather and lots of sunshine. On Friday, I went to my follow up 20 week ultrasound since baby boy wouldn't cooperate the first time around. This time he let the technician get a profile pic!

On Saturday, Brian headed to town to help his sister move and Myla and I had a nice relaxing morning. Then, we headed to my sister's house to soak in some sun. We played on Jayden's swingset, watched him ride his four wheeler, and lounged in the sun. There is nothing like some fresh sunshine to make you feel happy and alive. Myla loved it too!

Once Brian was done helping his sister, we headed to town to have lunch/dinner and do some shopping. We ate on the patio at Buffalo Wild Wings and Myla had a blast beating the table. Afterwards, we hit up Party City, And That, Old Navy, and Burlington. We purchased lots of Myla's first birthday stuff. It feels nice to cross some of that off the list. On the way home, we stopped at Brian's dad to pick up his car and hang out for a few minutes so Myla could see Grandpa. Once we got home, Jayden and Stef decided to come over and have movie night. Jayden and Myla loved to play in the hall way with tons of cars and trucks. It's like a freeway in there...haha! Then, Jayden had been wanting to take a bath with Myla since he had seen all of her new bath toys last weekend. So cute!

After that, it was time to watch Spiderman! We made a huge pile of blankets and pillows in the floor and tried to watch the movie. Myla was passed out in 5 minutes. I was exhausted. And about 30 minutes in, Jayden was tired, ready for bed, and wanted to go home. Oh was still a blast!!!

On Sunday, we woke up and had our go to breakfast lately....eggo waffles! Myla can eat some oatmeal and waffles!  Then, we headed to Walmart for our weekly grocery shopping and then back home. I relaxed and put Myla down for a nap while Brian cut the grass. Later, Myla and I headed to my parents for some food...hahaha! Dad grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and mom made baked beans and mac and cheese.....mmmmmm!!!! We all sat outside on the porch and enjoyed the food and weather. 

Like I said, it was a fabulous weekend!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Weekend 2014

Easter is so much better once you have a little one!!! We had a wonderful weekend celebrating with lots of family. On Friday, I had the day off, so Myla and I did some laundry and relaxed until Brian got home around 1pm. We all headed to the Snack Bar to have some lunch. I had what I always have...grilled cheese and french fries. Myla helped me chow down. She loves to feed herself nowadays. With our full bellies, we headed to Walmart for some grocery shopping then headed back home and relaxed. We had to rest up for all of the Easter activities we had coming up! Brian headed to his football game and I listened to D.J. pitch on the radio and then hit the sack!
We were up and at 'em on Saturday morning getting all ready for the Easter egg hunt at the park behind our house and Myla was excited to meet the Easter Bunny. My parents, Brian's dad, and the Williams' were all coming to watch and Jayden to join in. Before the hunt, Myla met the Easter Bunny and she just stared at him in amazement. She has no idea what to think of these giant characters we always take her to see! Once Jayden arrived, they sat on his lap together. Jayden hugged him and Myla cried....hahaha!

Then it was time for the egg hunt. Myla and Jayden were both in the 2 and under age group....what an age gap between Myla and Jayden. Myla just sat and played with the eggs and Jayden gathered up as many as her could. It was so cute!

The each got a prize for collecting 10 eggs. Myla's was a rubber ducky. Afterwards, we played at the playground for a little bit and then headed back to the house. We grilled out hot dogs for the Williams' and sat on the back deck. Then, we dyed easter eggs! Myla watched and Jayden broke every egg, but did manage to get them dyed....hahaha! Oh and my picnic table might be a nice shade of blue now since the first thing Jayden did was spill the blue dye.

Daddy made Myla her first egg!

So fun! After all the excitement, we headed inside, played in the playroom, and then all watched Turbo. Well, some did, and some fell asleep.

On Sunday, we couldn't wait for Myla to wake up fast enough to see her Easter basket. She loved loved loved playing with her plastic eggs and pulling everything out of the basket and throwing it. It's a fun new game she loves to play. Her Easter basket included some fun stuff and some practical shoes, new pants, bibs, a kitty cat handmade doll, a Mickey mouse ball, little cars, peeps, a flashing necklace, bubbles, and more.

Once we finished, we headed to my parents for breakfast and to get my Easter basket. Yep, I still get one and I have to find where it is! Loved mini eggs and my cash!! After we ate, we all headed to the park to hide eggs for Jayden and play on the swings and slides.

Then, it was time for us to head to Nana and Nanny's house for easter lunch/dinner. We had tons of food and of course, they had a huge Easter basket for Myla and one for baby boy too. Lots of new clothes and toys!!!

We hung out for a while and then headed home. What a great Easter weekend! Here are a few more pictures from the weekend....

Happy First Easter, Myla! We loved every second of it!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Myla - 10 months old!!!

Double digits....AHHHH!!! I can't believe she is so close to being ONE!!!

Sleeping: We have had several baseball trips the past few weeks which got our schedule all out of wack, but it looks like things are getting back to normal. She's been staying up later than usual (til around 9pm!) but then has slept until 7:30am when I have to wake her up. She cries out some times in the night for a few minutes, but falls back to sleep most of the time. I think the longer day light hours are contributing to her staying awake longer. I'll take the late bedtime over middle of the night wake-ups any day!!!
Eating: Myla is eating like crazy lately. We have started trying all kinds of new foods since her 9 month well visit. She has become quite skilled at picking up tiny bits of food and feeding herself and drinking out of her sippy cup. She has even started holding her bottle more....finally!!! She loves french fries, biscuits, bread, green beans, peas, and cheese.
Milestones: This has been a pretty big month! She now has 2 definite bottom teeth. She can walk along with her walker toy or along the furniture and she can even stand alone for a few seconds before she falls to her butt. She moved in to a new house and has carpet so she can crawl like crazy. She had flu #2 and stayed home with mommy and daddy for 2 days. And, the most recent, most cutest thing EVER....she gives kisses. They are slobbery and wet messes, but they are so cute and melt my heart every single time! I LOVE MYLA KISSES!!
Things She Loves: She loves to throw all of the books off her bookcase in her room and pull piles of clothes out of laundry baskets. She has become quite attached to her picnic basket toy and loves to beat the cups and plates together. She loves to laugh at Peanut and Prissy and even tries to give them kisses too. She hates having her diaper changed and tries to roll away every time. She loves bath time and playing/splashing in the water. She loves to play with Jayden and just stares at him constantly. So cute!
Pics: These are becoming soooo hard to get! She won't sit still for more than a millisecond and I refer to trying to get her to sit still as hard as wrestling an alligator!!!



And, she's off!!!


Monday, April 14, 2014

Fireplace Makeover

I realized this never posted.....

I'm so happy the hideous fireplace in our new house has received a makeover. It will tide me over until we can do a major makeover! Thanks to my dad for painting it white and getting rid of those horrible brass plates.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Baby #2 - 20 Weeks - HALF WAY THERE!!!!!

I can't believe I'm halfway through this pregnancy!!!

Date: April 10, 2014

Size of Baby: Banana....interesting!

Cravings/Aversions: Ice coffee and cherry coke. Limiting myself to only one caffeinated drink a day since we past the 12 week mark. I've been doing good with only doing the ice coffee a few days a week.

What I'm Loving: Baby rolls and movements!! I LOVE feeling the baby move and can't wait until it gets even more noticeable. I'm also loving the great weather lately. It really has helped with my mood and making me feel happier. I love taking Myla for walks in the park and stroller rides.

What I'm Anticipating: Our 20 week ultrasound on Tuesday where we get to see the baby for a long period of time while they measure, take pics, and make sure the baby is healthy! Also, we will make sure it's a boy from the doctor! HAHA!

Missing Anything: Spring really has me craving beer and dancing. I guess the fresh air and warm weather makes you want to hang out with friends, crank up the music, and drink an ice cold beer. I think a girls night should be in my near future.

Worries: My back is already really hurting me and it's hard to carry around Myla and I'm only going to be getting bigger. Ugh! Back pain stinks!!!

How I'm Feeling: Great! Besides the back pain!

Sleep: Much better than a few weeks ago. Starting to feel baby boy kick and roll at night time before bed and it makes me feel so happy. Sometimes, I'm up at around 3am with a little insomnia, but nothing too bad lately. Knock on wood!

Movement: YES! Finally!!! I definitely feel baby boy more and more and I LOVE it!

Other Thoughts: I've been thinking a lot lately about how it will be to have a little boy and to have 2 kids. How am I going to manage taking care of 2 little ones???? It seems so crazy to think that Myla won't be the only little baby. Also, starting to plan Myla's 1st birthday party. It's only 2 months away!!!

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