Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weekend Recap - July 11-13, 2014

Well, I started my 3 day weekend up at the crack of dawn because Myla hasn't figured out that she needs to sleep in every other Friday...haha! We got up, ate some breakfast, got all dressed, and decided to venture to the dump and Walmart. Bad idea! Hauling bags of trash while you are 33 weeks pregnant and it's like 100 degrees outside is the stupidest idea I have ever had. I was exhausted and barely made it to Walmart. Ugh, I can't wait to have my body back! Anyways, we did manage to get some groceries and Myla got her first purse!

We headed home and relaxed for about an hour before Stef and Jayden came over. We all headed to the snack bar to have lunch. Myla had her own grilled cheese and fries and chowed down. She loved it as much as her mommy. Then, we headed to the pool. Much needed relief from the heat. Myla played for 3 hours in the baby pool and loves just walking around in the water and playing with all the little kids. Jayden took his first jumps off the side into the pool and he was so proud of himself. So cute! We headed home around 5pm and Brian had brought Myla her first slurpee. He insisted since it was 7-11 aka free slurpee day! She was semi-impressed with it. We all ordered Chinese and gave the kiddos baths while we waited for our food. We ate and semi-watched a movie. Jayden was passed out in 5 minutes, but Myla hung on until 8! And then mommy passed out too! It was a long, exhausting day but very very fun!
On Saturday, Myla and I got up and headed to town with my parents. Brian stayed home to relax. We ate breakfast at Tito's Diner and I had a huge strawberry waffle!!! Myla colored for her first time...

Then, we shopped and found the crib we want to get and of course I forgot my coupon. Ugh! We got
some small things and headed home around 2.

We hung out at my parents since Jayden was coming over for my parents to babysit and my Dad made me a nice steak and crab leg dinner!!! Yummy!!! Then, Jayden cooked us up some food while Myla stole his drink....

We headed home around 8 and headed to bed!
On Sunday, we had a family lazy day. We didn't get off the couch for many things all day long. We caught up on Big Brother and watched a movie and I took a nap with Myla. Very much needed day of relaxing and propping my swollen achy feet up!! Oh, and Myla learned to do this....

Yup, we have a climber! Productive weekend!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Myla's First Word

Well, I'm pretty sure that Myla's first official word (besides the dadadada and mamamama babbling) is STOP! Hilarious! We always tell the dogs to stop when they are begging for Myla's food and she has been listening. She now says STOP alllllllll the time! So cute!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Our July 4th Weekend

Yep, she rocked the 4th of July! I can't even begin to describe how fun the holidays are now with a little kid to share them with! We started out the 4th, which fell on a Friday this year, by heading to town to do some shopping for baby #2. We ended up getting pillows for the porch and a toy for Bryce to use when he is like one. We are such suckers! Anyways, after shopping for a little bit, we headed to Allman's BBQ for lunch. This is becoming our 4th of July tradition. We ate there last year when Myla was just 2 weeks new and it seemed kind of surreal to be there again with her being one year old. We even had to order her her own meal.....

And I chowed down for two....

Annual Selfie at Allman's
So delicious! And if we weren't full enough after this, we headed to Carl's for some milkshakes and decided to take Tifanie one and visit her in the hospital. After we left, we stopped by Burlington to see if we could find a crib we liked and we did, but of course it was out of stock. Oh well, I don't think it would have fit in the car anyways. We got home around 3 and Myla and I took a nap for 2 hours, relaxed, watched tv, listened to DJ pitch for a sold out crowd at Mudcat stadium, and hit the hay. Great day!

 What a difference a year makes! 2013 and 2014

On Saturday, we were up bright and early getting ready for the annual Lake of the Woods parade. I've been going to this parade since I was a little girl and was so happy to take Myla and see if she was slightly interested in it this year. And, she LOVED it. 

First lollipop

Once the parade ended, we headed up to Clubhouse point to walk around and see all the vendors and things set up. We browsed, sat by the lake, and ate cotton candy and funnel cakes.

Then we were off to get some food to grill out and back home. We headed to the pool with Grandpa Jerry for about an hour and then came back home to grill. My family, who had been in North Carolina visiting my brother, got back around this time and came over to eat. We had yummy BBQ chicken prepared by the hubby. We ate, laughed, and hung out outside watching the kiddos play. And next, we were off to watch the fireworks. I was curious to see what Myla would do this year. She whined at first, not really liking them much, but then watched a few, rolled over on my lap, and then fell asleep. Whose child falls asleep while fireworks are going off?! WOW! 

What a wonderful day!!! And just because I want to show off more of her cute dress....

 After the firework experience, Myla must have been whooped because she slept in til 9am!!!! And momma needed that!!! We had a relaxing Sunday at my parents house. We ate, went to the hardware and grocery stores, and watched Myla and Jayden play. 

This was one of the best 4th of July weekends ever and I'm so glad that we got to experience all of the things I used to do as little girl with our baby girl. 

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