Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday Recap!

I just have to say what a gorgeous fall Saturday! The weather was spectacular and we spent a lot of time outside today. It was just what I needed! First, Myla, Bryce and I headed to Jayden's soccer game at 9. Myla ran around like a crazy girl and after the game was over ran straight onto the field to kick the ball! She wants to play. After the game, we chowed down on some breakfast at the snack bar with my parents and then came home and played in the front yard while my Dad power washed the driveway. 

Once Brian got home, we headed to the fall festival at the middle school. Myla got to see some goats, a bunny, and some little duckies and we all had a free lunch. Oh and Myla had her first juice box!

We got back home around 2:30 and took  naps. Once we woke up, we grabbed some McDonald's dinner and all curled up to watch a movie. A great Saturday!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Myla uses a spoon!

Myla used a spoon for the first time tonight and she actually caught on really well! All I had to do was scoop up the food for her and she knew what to do. So amazing the things that she learns just from watching us! 


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