Friday, February 27, 2015

Bryce's Big Day

Bryce had a big day full of firsts yesterday! He drank juice, used a sippy cup, and sat in a grocery cart all for the first time! He is becoming such a big boy. Thank you snow day for letting me get in some quality time with my baby boy.

And yes, he is using a hand me down cup and bib!
Hi Stef! Haha!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Myla's First Haircut - President's Day 2015

Today, Myla had her very first haircut. We took her to see my hairdresser, Jennifer, and she just snipped a little bit of hair to give her some bangs. It wasn't much, but it sure pulled at mommy's heart strings. She looks so much older with the bangs and it makes me want to cry. Yes, I'm that mom! Here are all the pics from her big day.....

And on the way home, it started snowing like crazy!!!!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Bryce is 6 months old!


Bryce at 6 months old.....

- weighs 17 pounds and 10.6 ounces
- is 27 1/4 inches tall
- rolls around like crazy and has been caught rolling all the way from one side of the room to the other.
- sleeps pretty good still, but wakes up several times a night for his passy. I think sleep training will begin soon.
- loves all of the pureed foods he has tried including bananas, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, and on and on.
- smiles constantly whenever Myla is near.
- chews on his hands NON-STOP!
- loves to play with his feet.
- gets mad when he is hungry.
- likes his jumper, exersaucer, and play seat for only short periods of time. He has become rather clingy.
- loves cartoons way more than his sister did at this age.

He is starting to get a bit squirmy in that chair. It won't be too much longer before it's impossible to get his picture! And for comparisons sake, here is a side by side of Bryce and Myla at 6 months.

And here is what we announced a little after Myla turned 6 months old....



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