Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 2014

Well, this month has been SUPER busy. I have been working most Saturdays preparing for our audit at work and haven't really had any free time. Brian and I both had the flu for 24 hours each. We announced at Christmas that we are expecting baby #2!!  I haven't had much time for anything.  I can't wait for the audit at work to be over and to get back to normal! Here is some cuteness to hold you over though....

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brown Family Christmas Party 2013

The annual Brown family Christmas party was held on the Saturday after Christmas this year since D.J. wasn't supposed to come home until Friday and he didn't want to miss it. The day was definitely eventful this year. James broke his fingernail off and fractured his bone around 1pm just before the party was supposed to start. Brian had to take him to the hospital and they didn't get back to the party until around 6pm. They both needed a drink after that! Family started arriving around 3-4pm and we all caught up on life, ate, drank, and watched the kiddos. Dad and Mom made amazing food as usual and everyone brought something yummy. We had ham biscuits, meatballs, deviled eggs, green beans, mac and cheese, corn pudding, potato casserole and lots of desserts. Mmmmm!!! After we ate, the kids all opened their gifts. It was fun to actually have a kid this year to be able to open presents. She got lots of awesome things from her cousins and great aunts and uncles. Then, it was time to tell everyone our big announcement. So, once again, Myla had to go change into her sister onesie. My Dad brought her out and handed her to my cousin, Patty. We knew she would cry and she did. It was a cute moment. The ladies stayed upstairs chit chatting like usual and the men headed downstairs to play pool. This has become a tradition and I just love this party. It's good to see all of my aunts and uncles and spend some time together during the holidays. Myla had an awesome time too. Can't wait for next year!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Myla's First Christmas

On Christmas eve, I had to work until 3pm, but Brian and Myla headed to Nana and Nanny's house early that day. They spent the day with them and when I got there we all ate dinner. Nana out did herself like usual and we had ham, fried turkey, mashed potatoes, corn pudding, broccoli casserole, deviled eggs, green beans, bread, and so on and so on. That woman can cook!!! Brian's uncle, aunt, and cousin were there visiting too and we exchanged presents with them before they left around 5pm. After they left, Myla got to open her presents from them and us too since we weren't going to be going there on Christmas day. But before, we started opening presents, I slipped in to the other room to change Myla's diaper. I had a secret to share, so I put Myla in this special shirt......

and I walked her out to the living room. Everyone's jaw dropped and Brian started crying. He didn't know I was pregnant. I had kept the secret for 3 LONG days. It was the exact reaction I wanted and it was a very special moment. After all the shock and oohs and ahhhs, we opened presents. We all were really spoiled and LOVED all of our presents. We left their house around 8pm and headed home to get ready for Santa! Myla went straight to sleep and Brian and I set up everything around the Christmas tree. It was beautiful and so exciting to do for the first time.

Christmas morning came fast and we were up around 7:30am. We brought Myla out to the living room after explaining to her it was Christmas! She was so happy opening her presents and loved the boxes and wrapping paper more than her presents....haha! Brian and I exchanged gifts and went way overboard for each other. It was a wonderful morning.

After we were done, we headed to my parents house around 10am. My sister, James, and Jayden met us there. We ran in the house like little kids to see what Santa brought us. And yes, Santa still comes even though I am 33 years old!!!  Before we started opening presents, we wanted to share our pregnancy secret. So, we took off Myla's pajamas and she was wearing the big sister shirt underneath. My sister screamed "Amy's pregnant!" and everyone was so excited. Another awesome moment! Last year at Christmas time, we announced that we were having a baby girl and this Christmas we announced we were expecting again. Christmas has a way of bring BIG announcements. But, don't plan on any next year....hahaha! After the announcement, we opened our stockings and then our presents, ate breakfast, and relaxed watching Jayden and Myla play with their new toys. It was different with D.J. not being there (they are doing the every other Christmas thing), but things are changing as we all get older and I have come to accept it. But, we all got a HUGE surprise when D.J. and Cayte showed up at 7pm and surprised us all. It was AWESOME!! So, of course, we decided to open all of those presents. Holy cow did we open a lot of presents!!! It was a great Christmas!!! Spending Myla's first Christmas with both of our families and sharing our announcement in such a special way makes us feel really blessed and excited for the future.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Myla is 7 months old!

You are still going to bed around 7:30pm every night and sleeping until around 6am-7am. Some nights you wake up around 11pm or 3am and want a back rub from Daddy. Sometimes, we give in and let you come sleep in our bed and you just love it.

You are eating lots of different baby foods now, but your favorites are still green beans and peas. You gobble those up in no time flat. You tried strawberry yogurt and LOVED it, but you threw it all up that night. We were both sick with the flu that week, so we aren't sure if it was the yogurt or if you were sick that night. Either way, I haven't tried the yogurt again. You also tried sucking on an apple, a banana, and an orange this month. You loved them all. You don't drink as many bottles as you used to because you get so full with your food. You eat oatmeal every morning, have some baby food and applesauce for lunch, have puffies and/or baby Cheetos for snack, and then more baby food and applesauce or peaches/bananas for dinner.

You can army crawl like nobody's business now and you are ALL over the place. You can feed yourself your puffies and hold on to an apple slice to suck on it. You don't really like to stay still any more for diaper changes and outfit changes. It makes getting these things done really difficult!

Things You Love:

You love your laugh-n-play puppy still the best out of all of your toys. You love your new red car that you got for Christmas and anything that lights up and sings to you. You love blabbing da da da da all the time and you still love to take baths. You sit up now in your little tub and love to splash the water.

And here are your 7 month pics:

Such a little ham you are!!!

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