Thursday, June 16, 2016

Myla is 3!

Myla turned 3 on Monday and I couldn't let her birthday pass without a blog post. I use this place as a sort of personal journal and as a way for me to remember how her and Bryce are at each age.

Myla loves.....

  - ALL of the Disney princesses (especially Jasmine)
  - to lick the cream out of the middle of oreo's
  - to sleep with Mommy and Daddy
  - orange chips, chocolate milk, and pizza rolls
  - playing pretend chef with her pots and pans
  - swimming
  - spending the night with Nana and Nene

Myla says...

  - "blan-ka-let" for blanket
  - "I wuvs you" for I love you
  - "That's not my fav-rite" - when you put the "wrong" outfit on her
  - "I seep wif you mommy?" (every night she wants to sleep with us)
  - "you chicken head" - her best insult for when you do something she doesn't like

Myla hates....

  - having her toenails cut
  - her brother - 99% of the time!

I will be back tomorrow with how we celebrated her birthday on Monday and then next week I will blog about her birthday party that is this Saturday! Can't wait!


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