Friday, October 9, 2015

Myla's first concert

Last Wednesday was the last concert of the season at our local venue. Lee Brice was performing and Brian and I decided we really wanted to go even though it was mid work week. Yes, we had to decide if we would be able to stay awake that late on a work night....haha! We then decided to take Myla. I had a work event several weeks ago where we took the kids and there was a band playing and Myla seemed to really enjoy it, so we thought we would try the concert. So glad we did! SHE HAD A BLAST! As soon as we went in, she was running around playing and seemed so excited. We set up our chairs and she was happy as can be to just be outside. She made friends with the two girls beside us. They seemed to love her. Well, until she started throwing grass everywhere. The opening acts started and Myla loved the music. She danced and played. By the time Lee Brice came on it was dark and Myla loved seeing all the lights. She asked to dance with me and my heart melted. Here is the video caught by Brian....

She sat on our laps or danced in our arms for the remainder of the concert. We left probably about 20 minutes before the end and were home in bed by 10pm! And here are our pics from the night! Such a great experience with our baby girl.


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